Colorado Boulevard in Pasadena in the thirties. The streetcar or "trolley" seen here was a popular form of transportation until the early fifties when the tracks and overhead wires were unceremoniously removed and buses became the main form of public transport. Because Jim perceived substantial nostalgia, part of the plan was to bring the "trolleys" back to Pasadena, albeit on a small scale.

We started looking for used, period streetcars in Europe and we wrote to the Transport Ministry in Czechoslovakia asking if we could purchase three or more of the old "trolleys" that I was familiar with from my childhood. But the Czech officials misunderstood our request and sent us instead photographs and a price list for ...trolleybuses. Not what we had in mind. We never succeeded in getting past this linguistic obstacle and ultimately the trolleys were bought in Portugal.

One of the trolleys got a quick paint job, was mounted on a flat bed truck and brought to Pasadena with a great parade and much fanfare. But in the end the tracks were never laid and the the only trolleys seen in Pasadena today are the faux ones - buses painted to look like a street car.